Capital Informação contributes to the customer success through communication solutions developed specifically for the Information Technology and Telecommunications markets.

Our solutions are based on three pillars

– owned media, earned media and paid media –

for delivery of integrated communication channels.

Media Relations

Media Relations
We manage the relationship between our client companies and the press in order to generate spontaneous media within outlets targeted to the specific audiences of each client.
Media Training
Training spokespeople to prepare executives for all interview formats and improve the relationship with the press. We enable our clients with theoretical and practical modules combined with appropriate content for the company profile.
Press Conference
We organise face-to-face and online press conferences in order to present new positions or relevant information to the market. By strategically inviting journalists and influencers, the aim is to reach the largest audience in a single opportunity.
Crisis Management
The aim is to reduce the impact of a crisis and manage business information with monitoring, preventive planning, creation and coordination of crisis committees; preparing spokespeople for responses in crisis situations and managing the press to preserve the company’s image. We support the formation of the ‘Crisis and Support Committee’ and the creation of a ‘Crisis Manual’.
Increasingly bloggers, youtubers and web personalities have productions and audiences who do not want to abandon traditional media channels. Responsible for an extremely engaged audience, influencers are important pillars to be considered in a multidisciplinary communications strategy.

Relationship Actions
In order to publicize a launch or approach of public interest, the relationship actions are directed to various audiences and are delivered through preview experiences, product testing, gifts or press trips.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Our essence is to create and write. We produce relevant content for all essential digital marketing tools, such as e-mail marketing, e-books, webinars, websites, hotsites, corporate blogs, among others.

Social Networks

Our team specializing in content management and social media relationship, maps profiles and opportunities, plans actions to be taken, manages the corporate profile on social media and monitors the corporate image within these medias.


Today search engines are the input channel of almost everyone on the Internet and bring an extremely qualified traffic. Focusing on bringing results for searches on sites, both organic (SEO) and paid (PPC), SEM strategies will contribute to the results and visibility of your company.


Creating videos can be a good strategy as it allows companies to spread dynamic, interactive and engaging content.

Measuring Results

Visitors conversion rate, ROI, and number of leads generated are examples of the results we continuously evaluate together with our customers. Tracking metrics is critical; it enables us to continuously adjust the strategy and optimize the results.

Visual Communication

Graphic Design

We believe that communication will be effective if it is integrated. Therefore, we have graphic services for creating logos and images that will visually transmit your corporate identity.

Digital Design

For the web, we use materials in various formats, including the creation of your website design, social networking tools, email marketing, online advertising, or whatever else you may need.

Marketing and Events

Advertising Campaign

From planning to results, we do advertising campaigns on and offline using various medias aligned to the strategies and goals of our client.


Planning, organization and execution of events for all audiences, whether it is for your company or the market where you operate.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication Planning

In order to share and align the strategic direction and approach of the professional or internal customers, we perform a diagnosis and develop appropriate strategies for the specific audience.


To communicate effectively, we developed tools and customized communication channels that generate identification and proximity to the internal public, which in turn supports and encourages the team to engage more.

Content Production

Be radio, TV, newsletter, intranet, etc., we produce content for all media outlets in order to reach the target audience as efficiently as possible.

Measuring Results

Through tools we can stimulate and measure the satisfaction of the workforce to improve the employee’s perception of their company.

Technical Translation

Our deep knowledge within Information Technology and Telecommunications enables us to deliver translations of technical white papers, websites, campaigns, presentations, articles etc. with high quality.

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